E3 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Game Director Interview

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Game Director Interview

Tom Chilton tells us about some of the changes coming to Azeroth.

Also see our interview with Greg Street, Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm here.

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This may be the first time in my ~five years of playing WoW that I'm somewhat interested to quest in Westfall.

Cataclysm is a great idea. Whilst bringing the game into the fore of the market for new players, it's also a kind of reward for long-serving players.
Other MMOs should take note.

must resist urge to resubscribe... must resist!!!

I look forward to exploring the Old World from the air on my private server. And that's about it xD

E: What will change?

Chil: It will be the same and better.

E: What will old fans think?

Chil: It will be the same and better.

E: What will new players think?

Chil: It will be the same and better.

E: How will it be different?

Chil: It will be the same and better.

E: What is your name?

Chil: It will be the same and better.

E: Are you a robot?

Chil: It will be the same and better.

That lets just increase by 5 levels instead of 10 sounded more like: We were too lazy to introduce a whole new continent or planet like before and because even at level 84 players will be able to get some XP out of all Northrend areas and also Netherstorm, Isle of Quel'danas and Shadowmoon Valley, there is no point or space to make more high level content for the new expansion. We thought actually at the beginning to give extra 20 levels but then someone realised that people could reroll characters or new players could arrive and they needed something to do until getting to lvl 60.

That said, I surely will miss the old content, vanilla WoW is gone forever. This could pretty much be WoW II.

Oh, his laugh. He knows that he can completly fuck it up and they still make milions because everyone who ever owned WoW will buy it no matter what.

Yep, I'll buy it. With a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Oh, his laugh. He knows that he can completly fuck it up and they still make milions because everyone who ever owned WoW will buy it no matter what.

Except for the part where they make most of their money from recurring subscriptions and the money made from selling the disks that would usually contain the actual game is a drop in an ocean. WotLK proved they can't go wrong though - I mean, 98% of people I talk to about it, myself included think it sucks arse compared to TBC and we still play the damn thing.

Hoping SWTOR kicks them up the arse and gives them some good competition. Sadly though, I don't see it happening... apparently 20% of WoW's population are women (who wouldn't touch a Star Wars franchise with a 50ft pole) and even the guys are a lot less into the whole Star Wars thing than a separate fantasy franchise. Not to mention the prospect of 10-14 year old screechers ugh x.x

Back on topic though, Cata looks really amazing. I'm trying to keep myself as far away from any spoilers and would/will outright refuse a beta invite. I've been in Wrath beta and it felt extremely shit actually walking into it when it launched cause I've already seen most of it so there was little amazement to be had at start. Still, the idea itself is really awesome cause it's so massive - as Chilton said, the original Azeroth world with its two continents completely overshadows Outland and Northrend by sheer size, which also gives it greater potential to make different zones (weather conditions/ground terrain etc.).

The prospect of flying mounts in the old world is amazing as well - a lot of people don't like them cause they feel the flying mounts make the world smaller. Thing is, they do, but that's not the real problem, the real problem is that they were introduced in much smaller worlds - Outland and Northrend - that are already small enough to travel without an extremely fast mount that can move in 3 dimensions. With the two huge continents where flight path time itself can actually take 5 full minutes from one end to another, they will not just be useful but awesome, simply watching the great and awesome world from above - kinda hoping for a similar feeling to that of Morrowind, where you could navigate the huge continent by flying over it (constant Levitate enchant with Boots of Blinding Speed, if anyone remembers ^^).

My only real fear is the raiding. I like the changes I heard of in general, but I just hope they don't obliterate 25 man guilds or force them to do 25 mans and 25 mans alone (assuming decent numbers). One of the things I miss most about TBC is that you could be in a 25 man guild, and when you needed a bit of a breather and a rest on a lazy weekend, just jump into a new, different and challenging 10 man rather than a scaled-down version of a dungeon you're already running during the usual raid schedule.

Ah well, either way I don't think it can be anything but an improvement on WotLK... so bring on the release date :)


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