Drawn By Pain: Episode 10 Commentary

Episode 10 Commentary

"Drawn by Pain" creator Jesse Cowell fights with an angry squirrel and interviews composer Jed Smith on his part in creating the music for the film.


You know, I think this might just be my favourite Episode Commentary yet. I had no idea Jed's body of work was so vast, and honestly, wouldn't have been able to identify what songs were where without a little help.

It's all amazing and I wonder what will be in store for Episode 12...

oh, and that Squirrel is one tough little Sciuridae.

Thank you Cat :)

I worry that I can be a tad too serious sometimes....

nice work Jesse, glad to see you can take on a squirrel ;)

this one is definitely my favorite commentary

Thank you!!!


Well...your commentarys got me hooked. Thank you for not having any more out at this time....or I would have made it to bed even later. Jed's music is amazing!

Jes you and your cast/crew rule! You have put together a true origonal masterpiece.


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