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The Future Of The MCU, Seen Through Captain America 2 Easter Eggs

Ross Lincoln | 8 Apr 2014 11:30
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The future of the Marvel Cinematic universe.

So, what can we expect to see in Captain America 3, and the MCU as a whole? A lot, judging from the Easter eggs that speak to the future.

First, the film takes great pains to prominently feature Agent 13. First introduced in disguise as a young nurse living in Steve Rogers' apartment building, she turns out to have been assigned by Nick Fury to act as protection for Steve when he's at home. Later, she's seen taking part in the SHIELD uprising against HYDRA, and by film's end has joined the CIA after SHIELD's dismantlement. She only appears in three scenes and has very little dialogue, and yet she even got her own one-sheet. That's a lot of hype for such a small character.

Agent 13's name is Sharon Carter, and in the comics she's the niece of Peggy Carter, Cap's WWII love interest. She eventually becomes Cap's on again/off again girlfriend (and is tragically connected to his death - more shortly). Yes, Cap dated a younger relative of his first girlfriend. But we won't judge. We will, however, feel pretty confident that she'll be back for Captain America 3.


When Brock Rumlow was revealed as a character in The Winter soldier, the fact that in the comics he's the longstanding villain Crossbones gave away that he'd have a villainous role here, too. Given the more grounded tone that TWS has (for the most part), it was easy to assume that, similar to the presentation of Batroc the Leaper during the film's first action sequence, he'd simply be a more real-feeling take on the character. However, the SHIELD agent and HYDRA mole is shown to survive the film with heavy burn scars, which means we might be seeing him make an appearance as Crossbones next time out.

The significance of this is that Crossbones is the man who killed Steve Rogers during the 2008 "Death of Captain America" comic book story arc. After his death (don't worry, he gets better thanks to some space/time weirdness), Cap was replaced by, wait for it, Bucky Barnes. Chris Evans has already said he plans to largely retire from acting once his Marvel contract is up (assuming Marvel doesn't lock him down for more films.) Ending Captain America 3 with the death of Steve Rogers, and his now-reformed friend Bucky picking up his mantle, would be a nice conclusion to his story.


It's revealed mid-way through The Winter Soldier (by Agent Sitwell, who also turns out to be a HYDRA mole), that among the people HYDRA considers threats to its interests is Steven Strange, AKA Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme and candidate for weirdest mainstream Marvel character. We already know Marvel is planning a Dr. Strange movie, and now we have an idea of how they'll tie him into the larger MCU. I won't be shocked if we see NIck Fury track him down as part of his investigation into the remnants of HYDRA. (And yes, I now fully expect Strange to show up in the stinger for Avengers 2.)

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