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Manga, Anime and High Fashion: A Chat With Cosplayer Joshua Hart

Ross Lincoln | 15 Apr 2014 15:30
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Caterina from Trinity Blood (2009)


Joshua Hart: "This costume was created for Otakon 2009, winning Best in Show for the Hall Costume Contest. I have always loved Thore's artwork, and I instantly knew I needed to make this costume. While being vastly above my skill range, I chose to stretch my talent and creativity. I taught myself how to cast items from molds, which has been an insurmountable asset to me in later costumes. The dress is composed of silk dupioni, Venice lace, embroidered eyelet, and gold beads; I wanted to create a costume that reflected a prosperous and vain Vatican Cardinal. Along with two other costumes from the same series, this costume took over 9 months to assemble."

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