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Manga, Anime and High Fashion: A Chat With Cosplayer Joshua Hart

Ross Lincoln | 15 Apr 2014 15:30
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Alice Lidell from Alice:Madness Returns (Royal Suit) (2014)


Joshua Hart: "I chose to make this costume for the NYC Halloween Parade. I love the art style and direction for the game. And, the costumes were just so cute and graphic; I couldn't resist! I wanted to make Alice's Royal Suit because I needed a costume that would translate well to those whom have never played or seen the game. The dress is a very simple boned and appliqu├ęd bodice with puff sleeves and full skirt. So, to garner more attention, I wanted to make her massive black hobby horse with glowing mouth and eyes. The horse is made out of insulation foam and wood, becoming a great learning experience. I was able to make this costume in less than a month."

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