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Manga, Anime and High Fashion: A Chat With Cosplayer Joshua Hart

Ross Lincoln | 15 Apr 2014 15:30
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Gentleman Opal from Sakizou (2014)


Joshua Hart: "I am addicted to Sakizou's art. She is an extremely talented watercolor illustrator with a flare for rococo and victorian motifs and designs. I have been eager to make a costume from Sakizou for many years, but I could never decide which to make. With only two weeks to make the costume, I chose Gentleman Opal as my latest project. The costume base is rather simple, a fitted, boned vest and breeches, but the beauty of Sakizou's work lies in the details. Seven different venice laces, several dozen faux opals, and fifteen gross of swarovski rhinestones were used to adorn the garments. He was an utter joy to make and wear, and I cannot wait to make many more works of art from Sakizou's illustrations."


You can see more of Joshua Hart's cosplay and fashion work online, on his Facebook page and his official site.

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