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Rocket Raccoon, C.O.W.L., Thor, and Superman: Comics Collection for July 2014

Marla Desat | 10 Jul 2014 18:00
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This week, The Escapist's Comics and Cosplay crew recommends demonic possession, adventures in forests, space-travelling scoundrels and wizard's apprentices.

Summer is a great time for comics, whether you're sitting in the shade thumbing through a stack of new issues, digging back into old favorites saved from obscurity in a parent's basement, or sipping lemonade and flipping through the latest digital issues on a tablet. In this Comics Collection, Marshall checks out Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman's new series Outcast, and digs into superhero union relations with C.O.W.L. #2. This month, Marvel has ramped up the hype train for Guardians of the Galaxy with two new series. I cackle gleefully over the adventures of Rocket Raccoon #1, and get tangled in the mess that is Marvel's galaxy in Legendary Star-Lord #1. I also check out the supernatural mysteries at the Lumberjanes summer camp. Stew reports on the continued excellence of Thor: God of Thunder and Moon Knight, a long-awaited issue of Superman Unchained #7, and gets absorbed by the gorgeous art of Eye of Newt #1.

Bringing you recommendations this week: Marshall Lemon, Marla Desat, and Stew Shearer. First up, it's...

Outcast #1

Robert Kirkman has done pretty well for himself in the zombie apocalypse and superhero genres, but now he's trying something else on for size: demonic possessions. Kyle Barnes has seen two women in his life possessed by demons, but somehow found a way of purging the evil spirits. With no "witnesses" to what happened however, Kyle was simply accused of beating his loved ones senseless, and now lives alone in a self-imposed exile. That all changes when Kyle's old minister comes to him with a new possession case, hoping that whatever he did years ago will save a young boy. The first issue starts off strong, with interesting characters, a lot of unanswered questions, and a story inspired by real-world demonic possession accounts. Fans of Kirkman's work will probably check this out in principle, but even if The Walking Dead's not your thing, Outcast's tone and writing style is noticeably distinct from his zombie epic. It's also genuinely creepy, both in terms of subtle demon presences and how society at large (specifically Kyle's police officer brother in law) views him during day-to-day life. The first double-sized issue tells a standalone story but Kirkman's afterword suggests that Outcast will have a much larger scope going forward. If you're up for a comic-book alternative to The Exorcist this should be worth checking out.

Favorite Moment: She didn't like the light.

- Marshall

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