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Archie Dies and Ragnarok Rocks: Comics Collection for July 24th, 2014

Stew Shearer | 24 Jul 2014 15:49
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As San Diego Comic-Con begins, the Escapist Comics and Cosplay crew continues dishing out recommendations for the best comics your bucks can buy.

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us. And while most everyone with nerdy predilections likely has their eyes turned firmly toward the year's biggest comic convention, we here at The Escapist remain ever vigilant in our quest to make sure you know which comic books to pick up when next to you stumble into your local comic shop. This week Marla Desat offers her assessment of Walter Simonson's new series Ragnarok and gives us her impressions of Archie's demise in Life With Archie 37. The illustrious (and roguishly handsome) Stew Shearer meanwhile, pushes the merits of Conan the Avenger and sheds light on the latest developments in DC's Wonder Woman and Batman.

Bringing you recommendations this week: Marla Desat and Stew Shearer. First up, it's....

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