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Horror, Mutants, and Sci-Fi: Comics Collection for August 7th, 2014

Marla Desat | 7 Aug 2014 18:00
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In the wake of San Diego Comic-Con, the Escapist Comics and Cosplay crew relaxes with summer one-shots, short horror series, superheroes, and sci-fi thrillers.

San Diego Comic-Con has passed us by, but the Escapist Comics and Cosplay team has some great recommendations to help you come down off all of the hype. Once you're done reminiscing about the gremlins cosplay, Wonder Woman costume reveal, and the Warcraft movie teaser, dive into iconic superheros with Stew Shearer's assessment of Uncanny X-Men #24, Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4 and Adventures of Superman #15. Still feeling too overwhelmed by the SDCC blitz? Marla Desat recommends pulp one-shot The Shadow Over Innsmouth and horror miniseries Bodies to ease you back into comics, and gears up for the next big story arc in the dystopian sci fi Lazarus. Marshall Lemon checks out the new science fiction series Low from Rick Remender, catches up with the Bat-family with Grayson, and gets a taste of homicidal cybernetic rooster with the Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo one-shot.

Bringing you recommendations this week: Stew Shearer, Marla Desat, and Marshall Lemon. First up, it's...

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