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Horror, Mutants, and Sci-Fi: Comics Collection for August 7th, 2014

Marla Desat | 7 Aug 2014 18:00
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Low #1

In the distant future, the sun's expansion has irritated the Earth, forcing humanity to live deep underwater until a new habitable planet can be discovered. Resources are dwindling, and hope seems slim... except to central character Stel, whose unmeasurable optimism drives her forward where others, including her husband, would give up in favor of pragmatic realism. That optimism will be needed when new enemies attack her family ship outside the dome, threatening not only an important hunt, but the lives of her youngest children. Future issues promise to address the discovery of a solution to the incoming apocalypse, but in this opening chapter the stakes are far more personal, using the setting of a dying underwater world to fuel a uniquely original sci-fi story. Optimism should prove to be a core theme however; even with the scientifically-established sense of impending doom, Low has a very strong Jules Verne vibe, with fantastic technologies implying anything is possible, even at the end of days. Just because the story is positive doesn't mean it won't be dark, as the violence of Stel's antagonist proves, but it is quite refreshing to see science fiction offer something other than straightforward death and destruction.

Favorite Moment: "Listen to Dad. Between all his longwinded stories he can say some smart stuff."
- Marshall

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