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Horror, Mutants, and Sci-Fi: Comics Collection for August 7th, 2014

Marla Desat | 7 Aug 2014 18:00
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Bodies 1 Cover

Bodies #1

This eight issue horror series from Vertigo sets up a brilliant mystery over four time periods. All set in London, England, four detectives investigate four murders happening in the 1980s, the 1940s, today, and a post-apocalyptic 2050. Written by Si Spencer, each time period is given its own flavor because it is illustrated by a different artist: Dean Ormston, Phil Winslade, Meghan Hetrick and Tula Lotay.

The first issue introduces us to each of the detectives and their first encounter with the body. The world so far hints at magic and science fiction in all the right ways, though it is a little slow to start with only six pages for each time period. I'll reserve my enthusiasm for the story until I get my hands on the second issue, but the art makes it worth picking up right away. Each artist captures the feeling of their time period perfectly, helping each part of the story to stand out. A very promising first issue!

Favorite Moment: "Scarper!"
- Marla

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