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Marty McFly Murdered By A T-Rex: The Art Of Ben Chen

Ross Lincoln | 19 Sep 2014 15:20
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If you're dying to see Charlie Brown killed by a xenomorph or Pinocchio used as kindling, you're in luck, because these are some of the tamest examples.

The Internet is full of artists of varying talent who throw their stuff up on Flickr or Instagram in hopes that someone might notice. There's a lot of cool stuff, but it's rare to have a look and immediately realize it's a crime against humanity that the artist in question isn't extremely famous and making all of the money. Such is the case with Ben Chen.

Chen's style, ranging from gorgeous, stylized parodies of artists like Rene Magritte to disturbingly cute/violent comic strip style riffs on everything from classic movies to video games, is a nightmare collection of horrors that is both extremely creepy and hilariously adorable. How adorable? Hello Kitty immune to Xenomorphs adorable. You're welcome.

I've compiled here 21 of my favorites. Enjoy, and when you're done, for the love of god head over to his Threadless and Flickr accounts and see his full collection. We'll start with Snow White, in which it turns out the princess isn't in another castle after all.

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