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Tooth & Claw, Django/Zorro, and Thor: Comics Collection Nov. 13

Marla Desat | 13 Nov 2014 17:00
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Groot tells stories in Rocket Raccoon, Wytches creep out from the woods, and Superman Unchained comes to an end.

The Comics and Cosplay crew has been getting hyped up for the next big comics events. DC Comic's Convergence crossover event was revealed this week, and Marvel's Secret Wars event is teasing a massive conflict with every cover it reveals. While we can't wait to get our hands on those issues, we're still here to bring you reading recommendations for this week!

Stew Shearer recommends the trope-subverting fantasy Birthright #2, and reflects on the end of a series in Superman Unchained #9. Stew has high praise for Thor #2, and finds a satisfying conclusion of the massive battle between Justice League heroes in Batman #36. Marshall Lemon checks out Django/Zorro #1, the official sequel to Quentin Tarantino's western revenge story, and reconnects with David Tennant's Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #4. Marshall also places Grayson as his favorite new series in DC's New 52, explores Tony Stark's narcissism in Superior Iron Man #1, and digs into the mystery of Wytches. Meanwhile, I gush over Groot in Rocket Raccoon #5, deal with an intergalatic incident in rhyme in Captain Marvel #9, and meet a girl and her T. Rex in Terrible Lizard #1. I also fell under the spell of the over-sized first issue of Tooth & Claw, a brilliant new epic fantasy series, and headed to Burnside for the latest adventures of Batgirl.

Let's get right to the recommendations with:

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