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The Secret Wars Begin - Top 15 Comics of May 2015

Marshall Lemon | 1 Jun 2015 09:00
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daredevil 5

Daredevil #15

While Daredevil has been a consistently solid read since writer Mark Waid made the decision to move the character to San Francisco, it's never quite risen to the transcendent heights it did back before Matt Murdock outed himself as a superhero and was forced to relocate. Issue 15 changes that by turning frenemy Shroud into a full-fledged villain and hitting Matt and his allies with one of the best gut-punches the series has delivered in a long time.

Taking control of the local information networks, Shroud is able to access every personal and professional moment that Matt's had where a cell phone was present. He then broadcasts all of these, including client secrets, to the world. It's basically the worst thing that could happen to a superhero who's also a lawyer trying to rebuild his shattered practice.

What excites me most about this though is the potential promised by the comic's final pages. The goals of Shroud's plans are far more vast than simply embarrassing Daredevil. Left with few other viable allies, Matt finds himself forced to turnto one of his oldest and most hated enemies.

Side Note: This actually came out on April 29th. I didn't get a copy until May however, and it simply beat out a lot of the other books I read this month. Hope you guys are okay with this exception.

Favorite Moment: "Every lawyer has secrets, Matt. What's the sacred term you use? The ethic you all swear never to violate? Oh yes: attorney-client privilege."

ms marvel 15

Ms. Marvel #15

G. Willow Wilson's greatest accomplishment with Ms. Marvel is how intensely real the character of Kamala Khan feels. Whether you're talking her response to her powers, her frustrations with her parents and culture or, most recently, her response to a boy she likes, she just genuinely comes across as a believable teenaged girl. Issue 15 was interesting to me because of the subtle way that it introduced elements of some similarly believable vulnerability.

The comic opens with Kamala having been abducted and taken to New Attilan by her new beau Kamran who just so happens to be an Inhuman. After she refuses to join the new regime taking power there, Kamran starts to get emotionally abusive, telling her that its her fault she's in this predicament at all and that no one will believe her if she says he forced her to come here. "As far as anybody knows, you chose to be here. You put yourself in this situation."

Kamala's response to this is to momentarily kind of believe it. Logically she might know he's completely wrong and being a bastard, but deep down she has a part of that's worried he's right and if she just hadn't been so trusting none of this would be happening. To be sure, she bounces back from this pretty quickly, but the comic does so in a way that doesn't feel like a cheap Lifetime movie. It manages to deliver perfectly executed moment of growth and development for her character born from a situation that's likely all too familiar to many young women.

Favorite Moment: "Suddenly, I feel calm. I don't feel ashamed anymore. Or guilty. I realize something very important. He might look like a handsome prince, but he's actually a total buttwipe."

thor 8

Thor #8

After months of waiting, Marvel and Jason Aaron have finally done readers the service of revealing the identity of the new female Thor. Better yet, they did so in a fashion most fantastic: a battle royale between Asgard's Destroyer and a dream team of female superheroes led by Freya and Thor. The group spends probably the first third of the comic duking it out with the unbeatable weapon until Odin finally decides to stop being a jerk and send it back to Asgard.

As fun as that is though, the really interesting stuff comes in the aftermath when Thor Odinson tries to confront Thor and confirm his suspicions about her identity. His assumption winds up being (amusingly) wrong, but helps lead up to a final reveal that both makes a lot of sense and has the potential to completely reshape and give depth to another character that originated as little more than an object of desire for Thor the dude.

Favorite Moment: "I will not stop being the mighty Thor. Even though it is killing me."

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