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The Secret Wars Begin - Top 15 Comics of May 2015

Marshall Lemon | 1 Jun 2015 09:00
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Where did the time go? May is drawing to a close and many of us are already feeling the heat of summer. In the world of comic books that means one thing - massive crisis events that shake each world to their core. DC Comics just wrapped its Convergence event this month, while Marvel rolls out an even bigger one with Secret Wars. Parallel dimensions are overlapping and crashing into each other and some won't survive - and we've picked our favorites from the chaos.

Of course, just because worlds are ending among the Big Two doesn't mean great things aren't happening elsewhere. This month we also look at the webcomic Prince of Sartar and the latest Rat Queens collection. It's also a great month for Lovecraft thanks to Alan Moore's Providence and the Master Edition of Locke & Key. There's a little something for everyone this week, so let's get right to it with...

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