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Girly Violence and Cthulhu's Monopoly Board- Top 10 Comics of Dec. 2015

Grey Carter | 1 Jan 2016 08:00
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Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting some kind of seasonal greeting? Perhaps a friendly acknowledgement of the passing of the year? No. I think not. That's not how it works here any more. Stew is gone. Off to visit his "family" so that they may huddle together against the cold. It's just me and Marshall now. Do you know what that means? It means no capes. It means you'll have to look at art made by artists instead of corporate slaves working in some kind of Batman-farm in eastern China. You'll have to go elsewhere for your X-Man and your Spiderguy and your Wolferines. You'll find none of that here. No sir.

Okay there is, like, one Superman comic in there, but it's really good. We promise.

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