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Horror Author Spotlight - Craig DiLouie

Devan Sagliani | 2 Jun 2014 15:00
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DS: How did you come up with the idea for Suffer the Children?

DiLouie: Suffer the Children is a horror novel that poses the premise that under the right circumstances, love-particularly the love we have for our children, the most primal love humans have-could end the world. In the novel, a strange disease called Herod's Syndrome strikes down the world's children over the course of a week. Three days later, they return from the dead and ask for blood. With blood, they become the children they once were, but only for a short time. To continue to survive, they'll need more and more. The parents are put in the impossible situation of continually coming up with blood. As the blood supply wanes, in the end, their only source will be each other.

The children, well, they're basically vampires, but they're not monsters. They're just normal kids with an abnormal disease forcing them to drink blood to go on living. The monsters in the book are the parents who will do anything to keep their children alive. They don't become monsters immediately, but over time. One rationalization after another. And these ordinary people become monsters, there's something heroic about it, because they're doing it out of love. As the reader, you are similarly challenged with the question, how far would you go for someone you love more than yourself? At what point does doing good for someone you love become evil? The book is a mind bender. It's the most honest and disturbing thing I've ever written.

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DS: What's next for you?

DiLouie: Right now, I'm working on a novel about romantic love as the catalyst for the end of the world. I'm also getting ready to produce the fourth episode in my zombie series, The Retreat, which I'm writing and publishing with the great Joe McKinney and Stephen Knight. Besides all that, I have lots of ideas that will keep me busy for years to come. I'll keep writing as long as my fans keep reading.

DS: Anything else you want to promote?

DiLouie: I hope your readers will visit my blog and check out the reviews and trailers for my books. I also blog regularly about horror movies, short films and books. Even if a reader takes a pass on my fiction, if they enjoy apocalyptic and horror media, they'll find something on my blog they'll love.

Thanks for the interview! I enjoyed talking to you.

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