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Deaths on Set & Mysterious Devils - Watch These 7 Cursed Movies

Devan Sagliani | 23 Oct 2015 15:00
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CURSED MOVIE #2 - The Omen

Second only to Poltergeist in cursed movie lore, The Omen had more than its fair share of bizarre and chilling coincidences, with a rash of cast and crew members losing their lives during and after filming in eerie ways. Actors Gregory Peck and Mace Neufeld were on separate planes that were both struck by lightning shortly after wrapping production. One of the film's producers narrowly avoided being hit by lightning as well during filming along with a stunt coordinator.

But that's far from all that happened to the folks who made the ultimate movie about the coming of the Antichrist. Director Richard Donner was hit by a car around the same time and a few weeks after wrap one of the animal handlers was eaten by a lion. Still the most disturbing victim of the alleged curse was Liz Moore, set designer John Richardson's assistant and girlfriend. In late 1976 on Friday the 13th the two were involved in an automobile accident in the Netherlands that identically mirrored the decapitation scene Richardson famously created for the film. Rumor has it that when Richardson got out of the car he saw a sign indicating that he was 66.6 miles from a nearby town named Ommen.

In 2006, during filming of the remake, director John Moore claimed he lost several days' worth of footage due to a broken camera that kept displaying the error message Error 666. To this day Moore insists it was the work of an evil spirit haunting the set.

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