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Deaths on Set & Mysterious Devils - Watch These 7 Cursed Movies

Devan Sagliani | 23 Oct 2015 15:00
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CURSED MOVIE #3 - The Exorcist

Don't let its placement on my list fool you - The Exorcist is believed to be one of the most cursed movies of all time, with so many accidents and deaths occurring around its creation and release that they are hard to overlook. Reports of objects moving on set, cold spots, and a fire breaking out caused the producers to have the set blessed, but that didn't stop the nightmare. In fact some of the cast came to believe that the devil himself didn't want the movie made and that he was actively trying to stop it. There are nine deaths connected to the movie, including Jack MacGowren, who played Burke Dennings and passed away a short time before the film was released age 55. It was the last role he would ever play.

Evangelist Billy Graham declared that the film carrying the movie was also haunted by evil. After it was released some theatres had paramedics at the standby, after reports of people fainting in terror or throwing up became common. At an early screening in Rome a bolt of lightning struck a nearby church as moviegoers were walking into the theater, causing the 400 year old cross atop it to come crashing down into the street below.

In 2004 "E! True Hollywood Story" aired a two hour special about the controversy called Curse of the Exorcist.

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