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12 Scariest Christmas Themed Horror Movies of All Time

Devan Sagliani | 18 Dec 2015 12:00
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9 - Santa's Slay (2005)

Santa's Slay, a black comedy horror movie starring former professional wrestler Bill Goldberg as Santa Claus, was written and directed by David Steiman. In it Santa is basically the Antichrist, and he sets out on Christmas Eve to commit various holiday themed mass murders to both good and evil doers alike.

Turns out that Santa was only giving presents out as part of 1000 years of punishment for losing a bet with an angel and that Christmas itself is actually known as the Day of Slaying. I won't ruin any of the surprises of this masterpiece for you but I will say that if you're anything like me you'll be laughing during this movie, often and uncontrollably, and that you'll be quoting it to your friends and family for years to come.

10 - Santa Claws (1996)

This holiday themed massacre movie was written and directed by John A. Russo and stars Debbie Rochon playing a B-movie actress (inside a B movie - how meta!) who becomes a real life Scream Queen when her biggest fan starts stalking her. Dressed as Santa he then murders all her co-stars one by one in a jealous rage. Naturally his weapon of choice is the claw.


11 - Sint aka Saint Nick (2010)

Sint (released on DVD as Saint Nick in the United States) is a Dutch horror comedy movie about Sinterklaas, a Santa Claus type according to legend. This version paints Saint Nick as a far less jolly ghost whose hobbies include rounding up his henchmen and committing mass murder during his annual full moon celebration night. Luckily for the hapless villagers what can't be brought down in a hail of hot led can still be run off with fire.


12 - Krampus (2015)

Which brings us to Krampus, an American horror comedy film based upon the legend from the dark side of Christmas past. Directed by Michael Dougherty, the film stars popular actors Adam Scott and Toni Collette as the head of a suburban family struggling to continue their family holiday traditions. Their endless bickering, and the errant wish of a foolish child, brings down the wrath of the dreaded Krampus, who proceeds to torture them until they learn to get along and enjoy the eggnog as one big happy family.

Fun fact: the film was originally set to release on November 25 but the studio decided to push it to December 4 so that it would coincide with the Krampusnacht, the traditional Austrian festival celebrating Krampus. It's surprisingly good, and funny as well. This one is still in theaters though, which means if you're going to see it this holiday season you'll have to make the dreaded trek to the box office. Still movies like Krampus give us all hope that Christmas themed horror is here to stay and getting stronger every year.

I suggest you start tonight and watch them through into the New Year. And feel free to let me know what I missed!

Until next time, stay scared!

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