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Five Webcomics I'm Reading That You Should Too

Phil Kahn | 18 Mar 2016 13:15
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5. He Is A Good Boy - KC Green

I've been a long time reader of KC Green's comics. He's usually the guy whose work I look towards when I entertain the idea (for the 8th time this year) of drawing my own comics again. A constant inspiration to "Do your own thing," He Is A Good Boy is a really, really out there comic that is always my fastest click when updated.

He Is A Good Boy is in line with the darker storylines of Gun Show, like the now-collected Graveyard Quest. A paranoia-filled spiral of self loathing and supernatural assholes. Crange is a young(?) acorn who has been forced to leave his inert lifestyle within the hollow of his old tree, on a quest to continue living through the doldrums of an ambitionless life and finding brand new ways to never change despite all odds. A seed that refuses to grow.

You'll find KC's unique brand of surrealist horror and deeply uncomfortable psychological examination that has been one of the constant voices in his work these many years, and still be driven to laugh at Crange and his all too relatable shortcomings. It's a young comic still, and a quick catch up, being produced alongside the much more light-heated Back and his illustrated adaptation of Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. Anyone who's a fan of KC's work will find no shortage of satisfaction in this dark as fuck, yet somehow life-affirming work.

RATING: The Webcomic That Speaks To Me More Than I Care To Admit

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