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On Gaymers and Cons

Grey Carter | 4 Jan 2013 09:00
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Let me just set up my soapbox for a bit.

Whenever something like GaymerCon - now re-branded Gaymer X 2013 thanks to some legal shenanigans surrounding the original title - comes up in the gaming news, the resulting comments can be relied on to produce at least two or three examples of the faux-puzzled, disingenuous dick lizards I've tried to skewer in today's comic.

A lot of the questions directed at these events are genuine, if slightly steeped in that luxurious ignorance particular to white teenagers. They see an event aimed at a particular gender, sexual persuasion, etc, as exclusionary, if not discriminatory. They ask why a minority pushing for acceptance and integration would "segregate" themselves. They're innocent questions, but they come from minds that, quite often, don't comprehend that being able to "fit in" (hoho) pretty much anywhere is one of the numerous luxuries that come with being straight. Indeed, feeling like you fit in is pretty much the entire point of going to a con isn't it?

But some people aren't asking genuine questions. They're being dicks. And they're trying to use naivety as a cover for said dickery; the kind of dishonest bigots who are "fine with gays" as long as they don't, you know, do anything gay.

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