Critical Miss

Grey Carter | 24 Apr 2015 09:00
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I realize that readers who haven't been with us since the beginning will likely have no idea who Charles is and thus this joke will sail serenely over their heads. Regardless, quite a few readers have asked for his return, and given the current political climate I find myself working in, his particular quirks are more relevant than ever. You'll likely be seeing more of Charles.

I'm not having a great deal of fun with GTA Online. In theory, it's amazing, but the game seems hell bent on stopping me from playing with my friends. Every mission requires multiple invites, and when we're done, it dumps us onto separate servers. There's no way to group up, so get used to looking at loading screens.

That being said, if you do persevere, you will eventually reach the point where you get to witness middle-aged British white men unironically calling each other "my nigga," which is well worth it.

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