Critical Miss
The PAX Poster

Grey Carter | 23 Aug 2011 10:00
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So, PAX is upon us and I'll quite happily use any excuse I can to fob you all off with a single panel splash page that doesn't require any actual effort on my part - so enjoy! This is the poster Cory will be dispensing at PAX (for free). It's less exciting than the previous "Stowaways Smash" poster, I agree, but it's also less likely to cause lawyers to come abseiling through my window in the middle of the night. A fair trade off, in my opinion.

Cory hasn't made his PAX itinerary clear yet, but I do know he will probably lurk around The Escapist staff for a time, so you should be able to find him there . Or you could just grab random strangers and scream, "are you him?" into their faces until one of them says yes.

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