I never asked for this shitty sense of humour, etc.

It doesn't seem so long ago that I was expressing doubts about the distant concept of a Deus Ex 3. It all turned out better than expected, didn't it?

It's time for your monthly reminder that you can follow Cory and I via the magic that is Twitter. We also finally got our thumbs out of our proverbial rectums and made that Tumblr site we were talking about. The site is mainly going to be used to keep people updated on Critical Miss stuff, such as the merch we're going to guilt you into buying, and to show off some of our not-suitable-for-The-Escapist work. While Cory tends to be fun for the whole family, the Tumblr and my Twitter feed come with a big NSFW warning. I do so love my naughty words.


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