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Stolen Pixels
Stolen Pixels #177: Two Gamers on a Couch

Shamus Young | 16 Mar 2010 09:00
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The other day I suddenly thought: What if there were two gamers, and they played games, and while playing games they also talked about games? And what if they were placed in a traditional milleu for such an exchange? To wit: A couch. And thus was the idea for today's comic formed. Cutting-edge, avant-garde stuff, I know. Tune in next time and check out this idea I'm working on where a dateless loser trades barbs with his cute but sardonic talking pet.

The conversation we see in the first half of today's strip is nearly a verbatim transcript of a conversation with my brother, who is a World of Warcraft player. Well, ex-WoW player. Is there such a thing? Or are you "once a player, always a player"? I would suggest that since your account is never actually deleted, it's probably a lot like being an alcoholic. You're never cured, only "recovering" or "relapsed". If this is the case then I'm also a recovering WoW player.

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