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Iron Spider Batman America: Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Gallery Pt. 2

Marshall Lemon | 6 May 2014 08:00
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A plethora of Canadian fandom descends on London's comic shops. We were on the scene.

Free Comic Book Day is much more than a giveaway event if you happen to live in London, Ontario. With five comic book shops located in walking distance of each other, the city's downtown core finds itself looking amazingly like a comic book convention, complete with costumed superheroes walking back and forth across city blocks. I spent the day visiting each shop and taking pictures of the many costumes, only to realize that The Escapist needed two galleries to cover them all.

The first collection is available here but if you want to view the second half of London's cosplay, which even includes a Free Comic Book Day Costume Contest winner, read on.

First up, it's Spider-Man, posing alongside Lil' Black Cat, and two of the things that mark the moment when Spider-Man was ruined in the comics. YEAH I SAID IT.


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