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Brass Triceratops And More: The Steampunk World's Fair Cosplay

Ross Lincoln | 18 May 2014 15:00
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Brass Triceratops, steampunk Link, even a Twi'lek make appearances in our collection of scenes from the annual gathering of steampunk hardcores. You're welcome.

What did you do this weekend? Me, I saw a rather tepid monster movie and drank a lot of wine. But if I'd been in New Jersey, I would instead have spent my time hanging out with science fiction fans dressed like clockwork cyborgs, because this weekend marks the 5th annual Steam Punk World's Fair, in (so I've been told) beautiful Piscataway.

I'm bummed to have missed it, but fortunately our own Robert Stoneback has been on the scene, and based on what he's sent back to us, it looks like a blast. What follows is a collection of incredible cosplay spanning everything from comics and video games to original creations. First up, here's Cindy Way as Tank Girl, Kyra "Phedre" Felisky as a "Steampunk gunslinger," and Phil Powell as... fancy dressed up guy?

All photos by Robert Stoneback


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