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Animazement Cosplay Gallery 2: All The Princesses

Ross Lincoln | 28 May 2014 15:35
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In part 2 of our look at Animazement, we draw your attention to the gigantic number of princesses who made it out in the North Carolina Heat.

We took so many cosplay photos at Animazement 2014 over the weekend that we had to split our coverage into bite-sized chunks. You're welcome, by the way. In case you missed it, be sure and check out our first gallery from yesterday. Done? Good, because here's part two.

In today's gallery, we see a shockingly huge amount of Disney cosplay, including pretty much all the princesses, plus the main cast of Peter Pan. But wait, there's more! Zelda, Bleach, Attack on Titan and more round the festivities out. Is this the greatest thing you'll see today? Possibly! So let's begin.

To start, here's a member of the recon corps from Attack On Titan, suitably prepared for the hopeless fight against gigantic human-eating monsters.

All photos by Escapist Video Editor Paul Goodman.


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