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A Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay Gallery: You're Welcome

Ross Lincoln | 1 Jul 2014 15:45
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Let the hype flow through you. I know I have.

There's been a glut of Guardians of the Galaxy news and rumors lately, and that means we must be getting close to the premiere of the film. If you're like me, you're probably dying to see this thing and you might even be considering standing in line to watch a 17-minute long trailer in Imax theaters next week, even if it's disappointing that Nathan Fillion isn't playing Nova*.

But maybe you're not going to be able to watch that 17-minute preview. Because we care, we've put together something for you to enjoy while you wait for the full movie to come out. Here's a very Guardians-tastic Cosplay gallery for your Tuesday afternoon, full of inventive and impressive costumes, and plenty of ooga chooga. Enjoy.

We'll start with a classy looking group shot of the team.



*He is, however, playing Cosmo, which is even better.

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