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CONvergence 2014: Opening Night Cosplay Gallery

Ross Lincoln | 4 Jul 2014 16:15
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Minnesota's annual fandom party is a hotbed of neat Cosplay, and we've got the proof right here.

Convention season is in full swing, and this weekend sees the 16th annual CONvergence Convention, dedicated to speculative fiction, Scifi and general fandom, held in Bloomington, Minnesota during the first weekend in July. Every year the event chooses a specific theme, with panels, guests and events built around it, and the whole of the convention decorated accordingly.

The largest such convention in the upper Midwest, it's friendly space for dense discussion of the nerdly arts, hashing out the issues of the day, and of course, for cosplay. The great thing about it is that it's for fans, by fans, and so the emphasis is on the fun of costuming, a great reminder that good costumes don't have to come from the pros.

I wasn't able to go, but luckily, Jamie Bernstein is on the scene all weekend, and she'll be sending back cosplay photos for the rest of us to pore over throughout the weekend. Last night was the convention's start, and so it is that we bring you some of the best cosplay seen on opening night. Enjoy.

First up, here's a cosplayer named Lyra as steampunk Chell from Portal.

All photos and some commentary by Jamie Bernstein for The Escapist. Follow her on Twitter.


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