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Dragoncon 2014 Day 1: The Greatest Muppet Cosplay Ever

Ross Lincoln | 30 Aug 2014 01:30
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Honestly, there was so much amazing stuff it was impossible to narrow it down.

I should preface this by saying I am not being hyperbolic. Because I'm not. In all seriousness, of all the conventions I've been to, and I've been to a LOT, my absolute favorite ever is Dragoncon.

Maybe it's because Dragoncon has always been the forgotten yet enormous fan fest in the south. Or maybe it's just because the convention finally separated itself from the odious connection it had with cofounder Ed Kramer. Personally, I think it's because more than any other convention, it's the one that is most focused on the cosplay community. Whatever it is, it has to be the most unambiguously awesome, joyous and supremely lovable fan experience I've ever witnessed.

It's like all of downtown Atlanta has turned into a giant celebration, not only of the art of cosplay, but of the sheer joy of just letting your freak flag fly proudly and loudly (something that, if I might be so presumptuous, reaches its apex in the South.) Everyone is nice, cool, welcoming, and most of all, apparently a genius at cosplay.

This almost makes me mad, because I could have been feeling like this for years and years, but I'm glad I get to finally experience it with new eyes. As I write this, I feel like I'm about to die from a combination of exhaustion and heatstroke (seriously, Atlanta is hot and muggy) but it's worth it. Dragoncon is something every one on of you needs to do at least once, and then at least 5 more times.

I'm going to have a ton of cool coverage from this thing over the coming days, but I'll start slow with a gallery of some of the funniest, most intricate, cutest or just mindblowing cosplay I saw on the first day. So sit back relax and strap on your seat belt. It's on.

First up, this adorable couples Guardians of the Galaxy Costume. This is Amanda and John as Gamora and Star-Lord in prison, with lil' Rocket and lil' Groot in tow.



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