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Dragoncon 2014 Day 2: Skeksis Will Make You Cower

Marla Desat | 30 Aug 2014 20:20
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Villains, heroes, and Bird Jesus come to life under the hot Atlanta sun at Dragoncon.

The incredible photos of masterfully crafted cosplay from Dragoncon just keep pouring in. From the parade to the convention floor, fans are sporting costumes from DC Comics, The Labyrinth, Saint's Row and even Dig Dug! You have to admire the dedication of these cosplayers in the southern heat of Atlanta. Full body suits get pretty stuffy when it feels like 106 degrees outside. It's a wonder that everyone doesn't go for the 300 Spartan look! If you'd rather stay in, perhaps, a basement in Canada, and can't make it out to see all the fantastic cosplay at Dragoncon, The Escapist has you covered. Ross Lincoln is on the scene in Atlanta to bring you the greatest costumes whenever he isn't suffering from heat exhaustion. So pour yourself some lemonade, turn up the AC, and marvel at these incredible fan works.

Missed our gallery of the first day of Dragoncon? Check out steampunk Darunia, Gamora and Star-Lord in prison, and gorgeous Game of Thrones cosplay in our Day 1 gallery.

First up, Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle will make you want to go re-watch all of Hayao Miayzaki's films.



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