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PAX Prime 2014 Day 2: Babies Make The Best Cosplayers

Josh Engen | 31 Aug 2014 02:47
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Cosplayers strut their stuff at PAX Prime in Seattle.

Day two of PAX Prime is in the bag, and the cosplayers really elevated their game. Some of the costumes bent the laws of physics with their massive size, while others were so infinitesimally small that they would have made Larry Flynt nervous.

Here are the most impressive pieces of cosplay mastery that PAX Prime 2014 has to offer.


Reed Morris as Armani Iron Man

Morris originally planned to construct a fully functional Iron Man suit, complete with a motorized facemask, but ran out of time before PAX Prime. Instead, he opted for a more urbane interpretation.

This is the Iron Man that I expect to see on the dance floor.

Check out Reed's Tumblr page.

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