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PAX Prime 2014 Day 3: That Sub-Zero Cosplay Might Actually Be Illegal

Josh Engen | 2 Sep 2014 01:39
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PAX Prime's Sunday lineup was so good that one cosplayer was concerned about being escorted from the premises.

With two days of PAX Prime in the rear-view mirror, you'd think that there would be some signs of fatigue from the cosplay crowd, but you would be wrong. And that's embarrassing because I all I want to do is soak my feet in medicated ointment and shovel pizza into my face.

My life isn't exactly dignified.

Selecting the best costumes at PAX hasn't been easy, and Sunday was no different. Characters from Doctor Who and Game of Thrones drew huge crowds on the show floor, and staples like Deadpool and Sub-Zero were constantly milling about.

Here are some of our favorites. And, if you see something that you dig, give it a shout out in the comments.


Julia Woolworth as Magister of Worth (Magic the Gathering)

This is the very first costume that Julia's ever made. She doesn't mess around.

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