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PAX Aus 2014 in Pictures - Tanks, Tabletop, And Trading Cards

Steven Bogos | 6 Nov 2014 02:28
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PAX Aus 2014 may be behind us, but we can still enjoy these pictures from the show floor.

It is with a heavy heart that I bode farewell to the sights and sounds of PAX Australia 2014 - the second one, earlier this week. I had an absolutely blast with my coverage of the event, from the amazing cosplay, to the fascinating interviews with people passionate about their craft. And hey, I even got to play some video games. Now, all that's left is this one final gallery of my favorite sights from the show floor during the three-day event. Enjoy!

pax aus gallery 01 02 combined

League of Legends - before and after.

As press, I was able to sneak in a little early to get a look at the show. One of the biggest polarizations was the League of Legends booth. Completely empty on Friday morning, packed with hundreds of screaming fans the rest of the weekend.

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