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The Year in Cosplay: Our 100 Favorites From 2014 (Part One)

Carly Smith | 19 Dec 2014 11:30
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contest winner two

To start, we have an amazing costume that took two years to make. Cosplay Py's take on Grand Empress Shek'zeer of World of Warcraft took home first place in Blizzcon's costume contest on Friday. She fell and injured her ankle in the green room before the contest, so people didn't get to see the winning costume in person, but it deserves a lot of appreciation. No doubt that this is a physically demanding cosplay to wear.

Cosplay Py's Facebook page is here, where you can see more of her hard work.

Cosplay Py's Shek'zeer is from our Day 2 of Blizzcon photos. See more here!

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