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The Year in Cosplay: Our 100 Favorites From 2014 (Part Four)

Ross Lincoln | 5 Jan 2015 13:15
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In Part 4, we pit Blizzcon fans against League of Legend Fans. Everyone wins!

2014 might finally be over, ut we're still looking back on the year for just a couple more days. Now, you might have noticed that The Escapist looked back on 2014 and awarding the best of the year in all categories we cover (see our best of the year nominees here.) Well, almost all. If you're particularly astute, you've also noticed that while we here on the Comics and Cosplay channel have nominated comics for end of the year awards, we didn't actually nominate any cosplayers.

That's because 2014 was been an absolute goldmine of incredible cosplay, and there was almost too much to pick from. Whether it was great video game cosplay at the various PAX conventions, the insanely competitive outfits on display at San Diego Comic-Con, the nuclear explosion of artistry that is Dragoncon, or any other the other conventions and events we covered, we were, time and time again, completely blown away. As a result, we couldn't narrow our selections down to just 1 "best of". But lucky for you, our indecision is your gain, because we're celebrating the year in cosplay by showcasing our 100 favorite costumes from throughout the year.

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Whether you made your first costume, have been cosplaying for years, pricked your fingers sticking in pins, or styled that wig just right, we want to applaud you for your awesome work (and maybe ask for some advice for our next costume).

Today and pay attention for the final installments of our look back on cosplay in 2014. Read on, and see part four of the series, selected by Ross Lincoln...


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