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Minneapolis Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Gallery: Best Heroes and Villains

Josh Engen | 4 May 2015 03:14
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Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015

Wizard World Comic Con descended on Minneapolis last weekend, and this year's collection of cosplayers was filled with brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. That's right; cosplayer families are the new hotness in Minnesota.

Like most nerdy conventions, Wizard World Comic Con is part celebrity meet-and-greet and part flea market. Where else can you purchase a vintage Brent Spiner action figure right after shaking hands with the real Brent Spiner?

Nowhere. That's where.

But for many people, Wizard World is a chance to dress in spandex and strut their stuff on the show floor. And this year, Minnesota's costuming community really brought its A-game. The Convention Center was filled with a delicious mix of well-established cosplay favorites like Darth Vader and Batman, and deep cuts like Dr Fate and Kamen Rider.

However, the thing that impressed me the most about this year's convention was how common cosplayer families are becoming. These days, costuming isn't something that the nerdy, socially awkward family member does alone. Parents, children, and siblings are coordinating their costume ideas and hitting the show floor as a family.

And I don't know about you, but I think the world is a much cooler place when parents are cosplaying with their kids.

Just to warn you, though, if you're perusing this gallery in search of Wizard World's best video game cosplayers, you're about to be terribly disappointed. Today's gallery is dedicated to the convention's heroes and villains. The pixel-and-polygon-inspired costumes will have to wait until tomorrow.


Harley Starfire

Harley and Starfire

Meet Carley and Carli. These ladies were the very first cosplayers that I ran across after walking into the convention center. Predictably, they were surrounded by a large crowd of onlookers.

On the left, you're looking at the latest edition of Carley Miller's ever-evolving Harley Quinn costume. If you'd like to check out more of her costuming, you should probably visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.

On the right, we've got Carli Verhaagh's Starfire getup. Starfire's dark-but-optimistic backstory resonates with Carli, who describes the character as "the perfect human being."

Don't forget to follow Carli on Snapchat (carligirly) and Tumblr.

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