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Why I Love The New 52: Five Things DC Did Right

Marshall Lemon | 8 Oct 2014 12:00
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Scott Snyder's Batman

Batman has always been one of DC Comics' most popular heroes, and even the New 52 wasn't about to change that. But the core Batman book, written by Scott Snyder since the reboot began, has set the tone for the character's entire line-up. Starting with a secret society that controls Gotham from behind the scenes, to a brand-new origin inspired by Year One and The Killing Joke, Snyder has proved that the "rich-guy-beats-up-criminals" formula still has some great ideas in it. While Snyder's Batman still poses the biggest continuity problems of the New 52 (how the hell did Batman raise four Robins in five years?) these concerns take a back seat to consistently impressive storytelling.

Not only is Snyder's Batman worth reading, it acts as a focal point for other "Bat-books", even spinning into the greater DCU on occasion. When Batman's conflict with the Court of Owls escalated, every Batman-related hero took 1-2 issues away from ongoing storylines to combat the threat (the Justice League even pitched in from its own series). While Batman unraveled the Joker's plans in "Death of the Family", Joker was terrorizing each of his sidekicks in their own individual series. Even Batman's "Zero Year" event, reintroducing his first missions with a cape and cowl, inspired DC to explore prequel storylines for other popular heroes.

Snyder's run on Batman is just drawing to a close with "Endgame", but its legacy is assured. This series raised the bar for what makes a good Batman book, and is absolutely worth checking out.

Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls
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Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family
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