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Why I Love The New 52: Five Things DC Did Right

Marshall Lemon | 8 Oct 2014 12:00
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Wonder Woman Vol 1 Blood

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman stands out quite a bit from the rest of the New 52 in terms of its tone. In the pages of Justice League and Superman/Wonder Woman, Diana still gets up to her usual, action-packed adventures with the rest of DC's roster. But in her own book, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have seperated her from other superheroes to reimagine her entire mythology right down to its core. It's an approach that clashes with traditional superhero storytelling,which isn't every comic reader's cup of tea. But in terms of introducing new readers to the core Wonder Woman book? It's proven far more successful than throwing a leather jacket on her.

What's great about Wonder Woman isn't just that it's epic, it's that it's epic in the classical Greek senses. This version of Diana wasn't made from clay, but is a daughter of Zeus, born from one of his infamous dalliances. Like other Greek myths, this revelation makes Wonder Woman the latest enemy of Hera, who is as unimpressed with Diana as she was with Hercules. On top of that, Diana finds herself increasingly tied in the struggles of reemerging Greek Gods as the series progresses. Not only does that give Wonder Woman a tone comparable to the original myths (including a literal descent into the underworld), it gives a new edge to her adventures as a kind of family drama.

Of all the books to come out of the New 52, this one stands out the most from its peers in tone, content, and visual style. For those reasons, I'd say it's well worth a read.

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