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Matt Kuliani | 9 Sep 2010 15:00
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Doctor Who has experienced a big resurgence in popularity with its revamped series. Those of us that are old enough to remember the original Doctor Who series are especially excited about the new show. But, which series is better? The Escapist TARDIS Crew user group knows and can explain it to you in enough detail to write a paper that would stun any professor. And since Doctor Who is awesome, that professor would clearly you a high grade and then pinch you as he would not be able to believe someone so awesome exists.

Here are the answers to our interview questions (goes for 3 pages!):

  • Why was The Escapist TARDIS Crew founded?

    If memory serves, it was during a discussion thread about a Doctor Who episode on The Escapist.

    *sneaks a look at Chrono212's answer*

    During the conversation in said thread: LavaLampBamboo[1] said that we had a little TARDIS Crew going on here.

    The rest is history.

    (I really don't know about the foundations of the group! I joined later on!)

    How would I know, I was barely under the first hundred to join! But I was told it was founded to keep TimeLord sane and his hands away from the time vortex.

    The TARDIS crew was founded one day in a forum discussion about a Doctor Who episode as I recall, although I can't quite remember which episode ... Chrono212 or TimeLord probably could tell you exactly when it was as both can be credited with the group's formation as far as I recall.

    As to why, well, again, as I recall, we wanted to form a fan club that was also more role play focused so we could go on day trips to Rome while still chatting about other stuff as well, a trick we pull of quite well.

    *leans against the railing in the console room*

    The idea behind it was to have somewhere to talk about Doctor Who ... a lot!

    We were in a Doctor Who-related thread and it came down to the same few people posting, discussing with each other the topic at hand. We enjoyed it so much that Chrono212 suggested that someone make a user group and thus we were born :)

    Because that much awesome cannot be contained!
    Well, actually it was when me, TimeLord, Cpt Corallis and LavaLampBamboo started just talking amongst each other in the thread about Cold Blood, episode 9 from the series that has just passed. We just got chatting about the wider Doctor Who universe and the ins and outs of the most recent series and then at exactly 10:42 pm on the 29th May 2010 LavaLampBamboo said:

    We got ourselves a little Escapist Tardis crew goin' on =)

    At which I simply said;

    That's just asking to become user group :P

    And TimeLord obliged shortly afterwards and the rest is history.

  • What do you see as the future of the group?

    Our TARDIS is big enough for anyone and everyone to come and discuss anything remotely Doctor Who related!

    We also have an event planned for Summer 2011 in Cardiff. Named Time Explosion.[2]

    A larger group. (It is a TARDIS and we have room to spare!)

    That is a tricky question actually with a TARDIS and all. One button and our future could be our past!

    Well, hopefully the crew will continue to grow, after all, the TARDIS is infinitely big on the inside and the more people there are, the more exciting role plays and discussions we can have 'cos there will be more imagination in the mix.

    I see the group attracting new members. In the group the regular active members have all become good friends and we plan on having a ETC holiday next year. :D I see us just carrying on as we are now: talking with each other, enjoying the banter, bringing news to the Group, discussing Doctor Who even more once it returns to the airwaves razzum frazzum and a whole lot of casual RP. ;)

    Anything and everything related to the Doctor Who universe, be it something to do with the spinoffs; Torchwood, the Sara Jane Adventures or whatever, or the new series proper that we are expecting next year.

    So wherever the show goes, we go.

    Also I've always liked the idea of some Role Playing Adventures with our own little TARDIS Crew which could be something that we do in the future and make a regular feature, plus anything else we can come up with that sounds cool at the time.

[1] LavaLampBamboo holds the position of "Companion" in the TARDIS Crew and is one of the founding members, he has since disappeared into the void and we miss him dearly
[2] Working title

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