News, interviews, and more from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 in Los Angeles!

U.S. Air Force Finishes PS3 Supercomputer of Epic Proportions
The Air Force plays Call of Duty on the most powerful game console in existence.
Nintendo's Iwata Blames You for the Price of the 3DS
The 3DS costs ¥25,000 - and it's your fault for getting excited about it at E3.
Japan Lukewarm on 3D TVs
Despite the heavy promotion of 3D TVs, Japanese consumers still aren't convinced that the technology is the way they want to go.
E3 2010: Front Mission Evolved
Front Mission has evolved from its tactical rpg roots to a 3rd person shooter.
E3 2010: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Greg Tito gets the latest information on Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.
E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV Online
Playing Final Fantasy online is back in a brand new massively multiplayer adventure, Final Fantasy XIV Online.
E3 2010: Donkey Kong Country Returns
Find out about another classic Nintendo franchise making it's return on the Wii.
The Portal 2 E3 Demo Will Give You a Headache
Valve has released its E3 2010 demo showing all of the new Portal 2 goodies, and the physics-based puzzler will probably break your brain.
Zero Punctuation: E3 2010
This week, Zero Punctuation digs into the news from E3 2010.
E3 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Game Director Interview
Tom Chilton tells us about some of the changes coming to Azeroth. Also see our interview with Greg Street, Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm here.
E3 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Lead Systems Designer Interview
Greg Street speaks on the nuts and bolts of the latest World of Warcraft expansion, including the revisions coming to stats system. Also see our interview with Tom Chilton, Game Director for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm here.
Dead Rising 2 Release Date Shoved Back
Looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer before we get to kill some more zombies.
E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS
We check in with Nintendo about the new 3DS.
E3 2010: Dead Rising 2
Mike Schmitt talks to us about the latest changes in Dead Rising 2.
E3 2010: Okamiden
Magic puppies! Okamiden continues the story of Okami, but now it's on the Nintendo DS.
E3 2010: Kirby's Epic Yarn
Kirby's back, after a long console hiatus, in Kirby's Epic Yarn.
E3 2010: The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword
Link is back in a brand new adventure.
E3 2010: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
Matt Fillbrandt, Producer at Lucasarts, fills us in on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.
E3 2010: Interview with Deadliest Catch's Captain Sig Hansen
What does the grizzled captain of the fishing boat Northwestern think of the new video game based on his reality show, Deadliest Catch?
E3 2010: Steve's Five Favorite Games
Three days, dozens of demos, five awesome games.
E3 2010: Marvel vs Capcom 3
Susan Arendt talks with John Diamonon about what are some of the new characters and features in Marvel vs Capcom 3.
E3 2010: Fallout New Vegas
Larry Liberty, Senior Producer on Fallout: New Vegas, shares with us on what to expect in the follow up of Fallout 3 from Obsidian Entertainment.
E3 2010: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Jean-Francois Dugas talks to us about Deus Ex: Human Revolution a prequel to the ongoing series.
E3 2010: Warriors: Legends of Troy Hands On
Get ancient Greek on someone's ass.
E3 2010: Tito's Five Favorite Games
Picking that best to see at this year's E3.
E3 2010: Playing With Myself, Impressions of Kinect
Playing with Kinect feels natural, but I wonder if I'll want to stand for that long.
E3 2010: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Geralt is back with more sex, blood and narrative choice.
E3 2010: Susan's Five Favorite Games
What five games featured at E3 did Susan enjoy the most? Read on to find out.
E3 2010: Brink
Gun fights? Suicide missions? All good fun in [i]Brink[/i].
E3 2010: Metroid: Other M Hands On
We get to see Samus from more than one new perspective.
E3 2010: Will a Browser-Based Battlestar Galactica MMOG Work?
Big Point is trying to leverage the BSG fanbase into a free-to-play space combat MMOG.
E3 2010: Tron: Evolution Hands-On
Tron: Evolution may well be the most awesome movie tie-in game you've ever played. Seriously.
E3 2010: StarFox 64 3D Hands-on
Get ready to do a barrel roll all over again - like you've never seen it before.
E3 2010: Donkey Kong Country Returns Hands-on
Donkey Kong Country Returns brings Donkey and Diddy to the current generation, and it's just as good (and as hard) as you remember.
E3 2010: Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview
Nintendo's newest Zelda title is built to take full advantage of Wii Motion Plus, and you can tell.
Escapist News Network: E3 2010 Recap
Paul and his panel of experts gives us the lowdown on the ups and downs of E3 2010. Want to see more ENN? Join The Escapist Publisher's Club to see exclusive ENN: Rejected outtakes! Become a fan on Facebook!
E3 2010: Splatterhouse Hands On
The bloodiest game of its time is back, and, well, Splatterhouse is bloodier than ever.
E3 2010: The Fight: Lights Out Hands (and Glasses) On
Swing your arms as much as you like, just don't you dare move your feet.
Editor's Note: Best of
Editor-in-Chief Russ Pitts reflects on E3 2010 and what it foretells for the future of gaming.
E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV Hands on
Square is trying to reinvent its flagship MMOG, but the gameplay pales in comparison to modern titles.
E3 2010: Heavy Rain Gets a Move Makeover
A new control scheme gets you a bit closer to the characters in the quirky PS3 game Heavy Rain.
E3 2010: Pilotwings Resort Hands On
The old Super NES and N64 classic returns in all its three-dimensional glory!
E3 2010: Kirby's Epic Yarn Hands On
A bit of string and a lot of cloth add up to one amazing game.
E3 2010: Dead Rising 2 Hands On
The sequel brings more zombies, more save slots, and the Freedom Bear.
E3 2010: Infamous 2 Goes South
The hero from Infamous, Cole MacGrath, heads to the Southern city of New Marais, which is closely modeled on New Orleans.
E3 2010: Rage Is a Shooter +2
John Carmack and the tech team at Id have delivered the tech to make Rage run smooth but I dug the crazy characters and engineering items the most.
E3 Killjoy 2010
Shamus Young explains why everything you're getting hyped about from E3 2010 might suck.
E3 2010: ENN: E3 Bytes - 6/18/2010
Activision announces some innovative stuff, and Microsoft gets more in-depth with Kinect. Want to see more ENN? Join The Escapist Publisher's Club to see exclusive ENN: Rejected outtakes! Become a fan on Facebook!
E3 2010: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Hands On
Stabbings, smoke bombs and skipping across the skyline in Ubisoft's newest sequel.
DC Universe Online Promises to Make You a Legend
The E3 '10 trailer for DC Universe Online asks one simple question: Will you ally with Batman, or with the Joker?
E3 2010: Lego Universe
The world of Lego comes to life in NetDevil's brick-based MMOG.
E3 2010: Call of Duty: Black Ops
The best of the best go behind enemy lines in Activision's latest Call of Duty game.
E3 2010: DC Universe Online
Holy demo, Batman! They've tied up your sidekick yet again.
E3 2010: Fable 3 Hands On
It's back to Albion for another, improved, adventure.
E3 2010: Adrenalin Misfits for Kinect, Hands Off and Body On
I'm fairly certain that I looked like a fool jumping up and down playing Adrenalin Misfits at the Konami booth today.
E3 2010: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Hands on
This is not your grandpappy's Castlevania, but I'm not sure that's a good thing.
E3 2010: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Hands-on
I didn't know much about Enslaved before today, but everything I saw of this action partner game impressed me.
E3 2010: Okamiden Hands-On
Like its protagonist Chibiterasu, Okamiden is just as lovely as the original ... only, y'know, smaller.
E3 2010: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Hands-On
Yeah, you're dead - but so what? You have bigger problems to deal with.
E3 2010: Twisted Metal: Loads of Vehicles, Plenty of Crazy
The new Twisted Metal lives up to its heritage - and its name.
E3 2010: True Crime: Hong Kong
The creators of ModNation Racers show off their reboot of the True Crime franchise.
E3 2010: Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands-off
A short time ago, in a convention center far, far away...
Ocarina of Time's Water Temple Won't Suck in 3DS Remake
The director of the beloved Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time wants to use the upcoming 3DS remake to fix a flaw in the game he's lived with for twelve years: the infamous Water Temple.
E3 2010: Best Twitter Coverage From Wednesday, June 16th
The Escapist staff is at E3 '10 in full force, with instant on-the-spot E3 tweets (or "twE3ts"). Okamiden sounds like a real winner to me!
E3 2010: ENN: E3 News Bytes - 6/17/2010
A new Silent Hill game is announced, and sand becomes the must-have feature of the year. Want to see more ENN? Join The Escapist Publisher's Club to see exclusive ENN: Rejected outtakes! Become a fan on Facebook!
The Escapist's E3 Week: Thursday Preview
It's E3 week, and The Escapist is bringing you all of the juicy stories hot from the show floor! On the plate today: Zelda: Skyward Sword, MGS: Rising, Halo: Reach and the Battlestar MMOG.
E3 2010: Bulletstorm Hands-On
Bulletstorm is more than just the testosterone-laden frat-boy shooter it looks like on the surface.
E3 2010: Hunted: The Demon's Forge Hands-on
Bethesda's fantasy action title Hunted is all about co-operative dungeon crawling.
E3 2010: Wii's Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Hands-On
Solving puzzles as Harry and the gang fits perfectly with the Lego gameplay.
E3 2010: XCOM Is a "Strategic Shooter" in Name Only
XCOM is big on 50s flavor, but where's the strategy?
E3 2010: Civilization V Breathes New Life Into the Series
Civilization V's new features, like the social policy trees and the hex-tile combat, totally change how the game is played - in a good way.
E3 2010: Big Bash Showdown: Microsoft vs. Activision
Both Microsoft and Activision threw huge attention-getting events at E3, but deciding which publisher's money was better spent is a matter for debate.
Escapist News Network: E3 News Bytes - 6/16/2010
ENN presents: E3 Bytes - covering all the latest in E3 2010 news, in a convenient "watchable" format. Want to see more ENN? Join The Escapist Publisher's Club to see exclusive ENN: Rejected outtakes! Become a fan on Facebook!
E3 2010: Best Twitter Coverage From Tuesday, June 15th
The Escapist staff is at E3 '10 in full force, with instant on-the-spot E3 tweets (or "twE3ts"). So how's Epic Mickey shaping up?
The Escapist's E3 Week: Wednesday Preview
It's E3 week, and The Escapist is bringing you all of the juicy stories hot from the show floor! On the plate today: Call of Duty, The Last Guardian, Marvel vs. Capcom and maybe some Final Fantasy.
E3 2010: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
The apprentice is back for some vengeance.
E3 2010: Shogun 2 Total War
After ten long years, Creative Assembly returns to the setting that started it all.
E3 2010: Sonic Colors
Spin a lot. Then spin some more!
E3 2010: Hands On: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
We burn rubber in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.
E3 2010: Hands Off: The Sims 3 for Consoles
We take a look at the console-ified version of The Sims 3.
E3 2010: Hands Off: Dead Space 2
We take a look at Dead Space 2 to see if it will be as creepy as its predecessor.
E3 2010: Mafia 2 Hands-on
Mobster fun: We get to play a different mission than was shown at GDC and it rocks and rolls like the fifties setting.
E3 2010: inFamous 2 Trailer Frostily Expands Cole's Powers
inFamous's Cole did just fine for himself by controlling electricity alone, but apparently his powers in the sequel will freeze his enemies with more than fear.
E3 2010: Portal 2 Teaser Has Jungle Fever
Portal's environments were plagued with flat walls and stiff edges, but the sequel is going to add a bit more greenery.
E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 Gets Desperately Needed Release Date
Get that musty racing gear out of the closet; Gran Turismo 5 has a release date at last.
Nintendo Remaking Legendary Zelda: Ocarina of Time For 3DS?
If that massive lineup of 70+ titles confirmed for the 3DS didn't win you over, there's at least one game in development that wasn't listed: An apparent remake of the beloved 1998 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Summer of Arcade: We've Got Lara Croft and Castlevania
Xbox Live's "Summer of Arcade" event is back, and this year's game lineup is a doozy.
E3 2010: Brutal-Looking New Twisted Metal for PS3 Real After All
David Jaffe was lying to us all: He is working on a new Twisted Metal for the PS3, and it was announced today at E3 2010.
E3 2010: Paid Premium PlayStation Network Confirmed
The PlayStation Network will still be free to use, but for $6 a month users will get a little bit more with PlayStation Plus.
E3 2010: Valve Goes PS3 With Portal 2
At long last, Valve and Sony have made up: Portal 2 will be on the PS3, and Steam is coming with it.
E3 2010: PlayStation Move Out on September 19th, Under $99
At its E3 2010 press conference, Sony announced that its PlayStation Move motion controller would be coming out on September 19th, and it would be under a hundred smackers.
E3 2010: Hands-on With the Nintendo 3DS
I got a chance to see the 3D images from Nintendo's new handheld and it totally works, sans annoying glasses.
PilotWings, MGS, StarFox Headline 3DS Lineup
Nintendo wasn't kidding when it said that the 3DS would have a ton of third party support: Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy and more are coming to the handheld alongside old Nintendo classics.
E3 2010: From the Nintendo Press Conference
Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime threw a few digs at his competitors and confirmed that software is king by announcing some amazing titles.
E3 2010: Nintendo Formally Reveals Its 3DS, Kid Icarus
Nintendo formally revealed its 3D gaming handheld at E3 2010, and while it didn't show off the glasses-free 3D, it did show off a new Kid Icarus holy crap.
E3 2010: James Bond Is Back In GoldenEye 007 Wii Remake
At its E3 2010 press conference, Nintendo confirmed a long-rumored remake of one of the most beloved 64-bit games of all time: GoldenEye 007.
E3 2010: ENN: E3 News Bytes - 6/15/2010
ENN presents: E3 Bytes - covering all the latest in E3 2010 news, in a convenient "watchable" format.
Liveblog: Sony 2010 Press Conference @ E3
Full details direct from Sony's conference in Los Angeles.
E3 2010: Link Returns In Zelda: Skyward Sword
At the Nintendo E3 2010 press conference, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, with full 1:1 Wii MotionPlus swordplay.
E3 2010: Best Twitter Coverage From Monday, June 14
The Escapist staff is at E3 '10 in full force, with instant on-the-spot E3 tweets (or "twE3ts"). Looks like Bobby Kotick and friends throw one hell of a party.
The Escapist's E3 Week: Tuesday Preview
It's E3 week, and The Escapist is bringing you all of the juicy stories hot from the show floor! On the plate today: Sony and Nintendo conferences, Civilization V and probably Portal 2, and more.
E3 2010: MGS: Rising Introduces Brutal Watermelon Slicing
Saving the world takes a backseat when there are watermelons to be sliced.
UbiSoft 2010 Press Conference @ E3
The publisher shows the great and not so great.
E3 2010: EA Wants to Make You a Sports Star
At its E3 2010 press conference, EA unveiled "Live Broadcast," a feature that will give your virtual MMA matches a chance to be broadcast to thousands.
Liveblog: EA 2010 Press Conference @ E3
Bringing you all the news from the EA press conference live from the Orpheum Theater in downtown L.A.
E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim Announced, Shipping Today
With a 250GB hard drive, built-in WiFi, and a sleeker, smaller design, the redesigned Xbox 360 "slim" is real ... and it's coming out, um, today. Wow.
E3 2010: Kinect Launching Nov. 4 With 15 Games and Star Wars
Microsoft's controller-free "Kinect" will be in stores November 4th of this year, with 15 games - and at least one Star Wars action title on the way.
New Mass Effect 2 DLC Pits Players Against Evil Computer
We're still not sure if Mass Effect 3 is going to be on display at E3, but EA has announced DLC for Mass Effect 2 and has put the game's demo online.
E3 2010: ESPN and Xbox 360 Get Exclusive
Microsoft and ESPN have signed an exclusive deal to bring your favorite sports to Xbox Live, and only Xbox Live.
AC: Brotherhood E3 Trailer Promises More Awesome Action
The newly-released trailer for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood shows that Ezio Auditore will be reprising his starring role in the game, and this time he's bringing friends.
Liveblog: Microsoft E3 2010 Media Briefing
Think Microsoft will mention Kinect at today's media briefing? Hang out for our liveblog and find out!
E3 2010: Best Twitter Coverage From Sunday, June 13
The Escapist staff is at E3 '10 in full force, with instant on-the-spot E3 tweets (or "twE3ts"). Microsoft, your high-tech event wristbands are just fail-tastic.
The Escapist's E3 Week: Monday Preview
It's E3 week, and The Escapist is bringing you all of the juicy stories hot from the show floor! On the plate today: The Microsoft press conference gets liveblogged and we just might see some Dragon Age II...
First Impressions: Microsoft Kinect
Microsoft uses Cirque Du Soleil to show off its latest motion control technology at E3.
Natal Becomes Kinect and Brings Along an Elephant
Microsoft's Project Natal Experience was a special-effects laden extravaganza that had girls walking on the ceiling, ponchos that changed color on command, and even an elephant. Oh, and a gaming peripheral, too.
Microsoft Unveils Two Natal Games Early
If you're dying to know what games Microsoft will bring to Natal's table, now we know about two more.
Killzone 3 Trailer Will Freeze Your Butt Off
The first gameplay footage of Killzone 3 will make you wish you'd brought your scarf and mittens.
Rumor: E3 Floor Plan Reveals Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II
An interactive "E3 Showfloor Map" published by GameSpot seems to indicate that both Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3 will be at the show.
New Kingdom Hearts "Recoded" for DS
The mysterious new Kingdom Hearts title teased earlier this week is apparently Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, a DS remake of a Japanese mobile phone game.
Portal 2 Delayed to 2011
Portal 2 has been pushed back to 2011, which may have something to do with the cancellation of Valve's E3 event - which, by the way, Valve would like to remind you will be Portal themed so stop creating silly rumors.
Rumor: Valve's E3 Surprise is Source 2, Maybe Half-Life 3
Valve's mystery E3 surprise may not be Half-Life 2: Episode 3, but one unnamed source is claiming that it's the next iteration of the aging Source engine - and perhaps Half-Life 3.
Gabe Newell: Valve E3 Surprise Isn't Episode 3
If you'd been hoping that Valve's June 14th "surprise" would be an unexpected reveal of the long-dormant Half-Life 2: Episode 3, time to hope a little bit harder.
Video: Square Enix's Nerkas Is a Leaked E3 Mystery
A Square Enix video screen playing outside of E3 2010's convention center has revealed a psychic action game called Nerkas.
Warhammer 40k MMOG Prepped For E3 Reveal
Do you like the grim, dark, grimdark world of Warhammer 40000? Then I have good news for you: THQ's 40k MMOG will finally get a reveal this June at E3 2010.
THQ Nabs Mystery Fighting Game
THQ is set to reveal a new fighting game from a well-known developer at E3 2010.
Nintendo's 3DS Will Be at E3
Nintendo's newly announced 3D handheld will be on the show floor at E3 this June, so we'll be able to see how well portable 3D gaming works for ourselves.
Microsoft to Show Full Natal Lineup at E3 2010
The big mystery surrounding the kind of games Microsoft will launch with Natal may be solved by the time summer rolls around.