The 2012 Escapist Expo was a huge success with thousands of fans gathering at the Durham Convention center to talk about and play games, dress up in videogame costumes, and of course watch our amazing contributors dance for our pleasure. Our video team has been busy transmuting all this raw fun into digital form.

We've placed all the video and audio here for the viewing pleasure of those who might not have been able to come this year, or for those who want to revisit the magic. Check back here over the week as we upload most of the panels from the Escapist Expo.

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Escapist Expo: MovieBob's Escapist Expo Q & A
Escapist Expo: Gavin's Escapist Expo Q & A
Escapist Podcast: 062: Expo Re-Cap!
Escapist Expo: Games in Non-Gaming Jobs
Escapist Expo: Art of Game Mechanics
Escapist Expo: Magic as Therapy
Escapist Expo: Songwriting with Miracle of Sound
Escapist Expo: Future of the Shooter
Escapist Expo: Strategy of Playing Games
Escapist Expo: Gaming and Mental Health
Escapist Expo: How to Get a Job in the Industry
Escapist Expo: Animation In Insomniac's Games
Escapist Expo: How To Review Games
Escapist Expo: Q&A With The Escapists Day 2
Escapist Expo: Fanboyism
Escapist Podcast: 061: Escapist Podcast Live!
Escapist Expo: My Favorite Game
Escapist Expo: The Hour of Love

The Escapist Expo 2012 Cosplay Gallery
Check out the best cosplay photos from last weekend!
Cosplay Galleries: The Escapist Expo 2012 Cosplay Gallery
Check out the best cosplay photos from last weekend!
Here for Zero Punctuation? See Yahztee in Person Instead!
See Yahtzee tackle games live in The Hour of Love, Q&A With the Escapists, My Favorite Game, and Fanboyism panels.
At the Expo: Love and Goodbyes
The expo ends on a bittersweet note.
At the Expo: Diversity and Togetherness
Love is in the air on the expo's second day.
At the Expo: Setup and Sequels
The first day at the expo is hectic but rewarding.