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Gameception: Five Great Games Within the Game

Julia Mielczarek | 13 Jul 2015 12:00
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Somewhere between coding loot drop mechanics and choosing the best soundtrack to blow up zombies to, game developers decided that they wanted to add one more level of optional, but helpful complexity to their masterpieces: Mini-games. Do you need a break from hunting insanely difficult enemies? Need to relax after an intense strike and roll combat sesh? Sick of endlessly grinding for cool gear (NEVER!)? Then definitely take some time to seek out and appreciate your game's official minigame. Whether it's a recurring puzzle, an ever prevalent card game, or an activity that seems to serve no purpose, minigames help break the eventual monotony that plague most first-person action titles today.

Gwent, The Witcher 3


When you're not busy getting your ass kicked by The Wild Hunt, summoning your seemingly teleporting demon horse (Roach, how did you get on this remote island?) or sleeping with practically every main female character in the game (Geralt, you dog you...), you may want to try playing Gwent-CD Projekt RED's version of Magic: The Gathering. Gwent proves to be as fun as it is challenging, while also semi-anxiety and rage-quit inducing, as one strategically placed low-level melee card can send your entire house of cards tumbling down. The combination of character players, row positions, and weather cards means that there's a good bit of strategy involved when playing Gwent. While it closely resembles a true collectible card game like Magic or Pokemon, it's been stripped down enough that it remains strategic while staying fast-paced and straightforward, much unlike Witcher 3 itself.

Tip:Pick up Northern Realms Siegemaster as your general from the innkeeper in White Orchard--it can double the value of your siege row and help you get ahead in a few games early on.

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