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Gameception: Five Great Games Within the Game

Julia Mielczarek | 13 Jul 2015 12:00
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Blackjack, Fallout: New Vegas


Because your standard post-apocalyptic depravities aren't enough, Obsidian also added gambling to the mix in their most recent Fallout remake. There is just something so perfect about playing Blackjack in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas at a casino called Gomorrah...no? Essentially, the odds always favor the house, even more so in Gomorrah and Primm. Featuring Blackjack in New Vegas is great due to the fact that among the chem binges, watching slow-mo super mutant explosions through V.A.T.S, and nuking entire towns, the card game brings Fallout back down to earth, giving it a certain humanity. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the dealer.

Tip: Get your Luck stat above 7 asap; it'll help immensely to sway the time you spend at the casinos in your favor.

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