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Gameception: Five Great Games Within the Game

Julia Mielczarek | 13 Jul 2015 12:00
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Yoga, GTA V


Including sports in a game like Grand Theft Auto V is ridiculous, but including an activity like Yoga is hilariously absurd. Players first encounter yoga during the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga", which involves everything from some "assisted" downward dog, "picking up" at a burger joint, and roofied sodas. Rockstar's inclusion of yoga in GTAV really speaks to the level of game depth and detail as a whole--even Fabian La Rouche, the game's pseudo-yogi has his own website within GTAV's in-game internet. So, be sure to head up to one of the many hills located on the map and practice centering your chakra before you decide to hijack that airplane, knife that giant shark, or knock out a stripper.

Tip: Don't forget to bring Michael De Santa's iFruit phone so that you can play music as you "wind your spine into a knot."

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