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Gameception: Five Great Games Within the Game

Julia Mielczarek | 13 Jul 2015 12:00
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Fishing, Legend of Zelda


Admit it... you too spent WAY too much time fishing whether you played Zelda on N64, Game Boy, or 3DS in hopes of finding a Piece Of Heart. The Fishing Holes throughout the franchise are actually home to many more prizes that Link can receive by catching a record-size fish, and not by any other means in the game. Examples include: The Golden Scale or a Frog Lure, which in turn can be used to catch the game's biggest fish, The Hylian Loach. Also, why are the fish that Link catches literally the same size as him?

Tip: You can often use your Iron Boots to keep your body from floating and your feet down as your target your fish. Additionally, be thrifty and get yourself fishing passes by completing mini-games in town - don't waste 50 rupees every time.

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