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5 Ways Halo Wars 2 Must Improve to Survive

DanielPrice | 21 Aug 2015 16:00
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2. Get Tactical, Marines!


How it worked in Halo Wars

For a real-time strategy game, your tactical options in Halo Wars were, sadly, extremely limited. Continuing on from the balancing issues I've just mentioned, the game, outside of certain moments in singleplayer, never gave you much incentive to use other types of units in creative ways other than to produce them en masse, moving them like a swarm of killer bees, attacking single targets.

Anyone can create a metric crap tonne of one unit, select them all and execute an attack this target order. There's no thought or strategy in that. The only real strategy layer Halo Wars offered was the option of garrisoning your infantry units behind wrecked Warthogs and other debris found in the level and on top of Covenant deployable lookout towers-or "snipers towers", as the game refers to them as, possibly due to it originally not being a Halo-themed RTS-as seen in the main series of Halo first-person shooters. The latter is the only option available during multiplayer, however, though one map has erectible force field barriers that will block off a path when certain ones are occupied by infantry, which is a neat addition.

How it should work in Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 needs to offer far more in the way of tactical options. For instance, being able to hunker infantry units behind stationary vehicles, buildings and other appropriate objects and geometry in the environment, where it perhaps make sense to send a few Warthogs to flank and draw them out of cover. Bringing tactics to the battlefield through the level design would be cool, too, with certain paths or areas of the landscape only being accessible to certain units, such as sending infantry through a tight cavern or using aerial units to cross a gap or get over a wall that is blocking the path for ground teams. Maybe an infantry type, such as a sniper with a stealth suit or similar, could hide in bushes and other foliage, allowing them to scout ahead or otherwise avoid enemy units.

Interestingly, there's evidence that the game was going to be way better than what it ended up being, before the Microsoft cut the funding, as seen in that demonstration video to the right. The finished product fell woefully short of the polished demo shown here, with Warthogs being used to reach an otherwise inaccessible area of the map.

Oh, well, let's just hope that the sequel has as much promise as this deceptively epic demo teased.

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