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5 Things Microsoft Must Do To Fight PS4's Market Dominance

Kevin Mooseles | 26 Aug 2015 15:00
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Ah, the console wars: what is becoming a time-honored tradition in modern culture. The battlefield is riddled with the corpses of IPs, tech innovations, and of course, the neglected remains of felled giants with names like Sega and Atari, who were vanquished before the birth of modern gaming memory. In the current round, the mighty Sony PS4 is enjoying the unquestioned advantage, outselling the Xbox One two-to-one. But does this spell defeat for the once beloved Microsoft behemoth, which stood strong in the ranks for the first two rounds in this ongoing competition? Only time will tell.

(Curious about how Microsoft got so far behind? Here's why Sony is dominating the Next-Gen Console War.)

Hopefully, these numbers have had a sobering effect on Microsoft, and will shock them from their focus on transmedia gaming back to just making great video games again. That's really all that Microsoft needs to do. How will they do this? How can they compensate for such a glaring discrepancy in numbers? What should their strategy be to not only make up for lost ground, but to leave their competition in the dust over the long term?

5. Aim for the Remnant

The push for Microsoft right now is to lure as many uncommitted last gen players who are looking to upgrade into the Xbox camp. This year's backwards compatibility announcement is the best example so far. Backwards compatibility is a poem spoken in the language of love to the ears of all those still-haven't-upgraded gamers out there.

This year is going to be crucial as the release of current-gen exclusives will entice the most frugal members of the gaming community to commit to Xbox or PlayStation. It is a well-established ritual that has existed throughout the Console Wars: A holiday sales season where previous-gen titles are no longer being made and current-gen titles look unbelievably amazing. The old consoles are "officially" dead and the new consoles are here to stay.

(With that shocking pronouncement, it might be time to decide which Next Gen console is best for you.)

Xbox could see a tremendous boost in sales this fall as more and more gamers finally make up their mind. So how else should they sweeten the pot?

Link up with retailers to provide a $60 rebate with the purchase of any new Xbox One. Offer three months of Xbox gold with new systems rather than the current one month trial. Aim directly for budget-conscious gamers. Get those boxes off the shelves and hooked up in homes. The more units you sell, the more games you sell. That's usually how this thing works. Usually. Because...

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